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Sigma Logistic Service

When you buy a Used Machine from Sigma, we can offer you a Logistics Service to transport your equipment to its designated location. We contribute to the growth of your business in a comprehensive manner.
We contribute to the growth of your business in a comprehensive manner.

In Sigma Equipment we offer productivity and convenience. Our experience in the market of heavy machinery allows us to understand and connect with the needs of our customers. That is why we aim to provide a comprehensive solution that allows you to break free of the concerns associated with the logistical arrangements; thus, allowing you can focus on your business productivity.

In addition to coordinating every step to ensure the delivery of your equipment on time and in excellent conditions, we conduct preferential agreements with shipping lines, enabling us to offer the best prices in the market.

Our logistics service to the port of destination includes:

  • Ability to choose the freight rate of your choice according to the dates, costs and the destination port of your convenience.
  • Highly competitive shipping rates.
  • Processing and obtaining of the boarding reservation.
  • Coordination of ground transportation to ensure shipment on time.
    • Burden of machinery on the transport truck.
    • Coordination of ground transportation to the port of shipment.
    • Delivery of the equipment at the port on the required date.
  • Preparation, consolidation, verification, and delivery of the documents required for customs in the American port.
    • Export Power of Attorney
    • Commercial Invoice notarized
    • Letter of Intent
    • Dock Receipt

  • Processing of the “Shipper Export Declaration” (SED).
  • Processing of the “risk management and/or contaminants” certificate for each equipment shipped.
  • Preparation and delivery of original documents (bill of lading, original invoice, certificate of cargo insurance, etc.) to the final destination by courier before the arrival of the ship, so that you can begin the process of customs at the port of destiny.
  • Status monitoring and reporting in each of the stages.
  • Maritime Insurance protection for your investment.

    * Note: we also offer logistics solutions in case of ground or air transportation.

    We believe that the welfare of your business is the welfare of ours, and therefore our wish is to make your purchase experience as convenient and pleasant as possible.

    Thank you for building trust with us!logo